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H.I.T. Corp is a nonprofit organization that helps those who suffer from post-concussion syndrome (PCS) gain access to life-changing concussion treatment programs.

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Bill's Virtual Birthday Fundraiser

Percentage of Donations goes to the Restaurant Employees

Bill’s Birthday Fundraiser has officially begun! A portion of the proceeds donated now through the end of COVID-19 Lockdown will support the employees of our restaurant partners, Rose’s Daughter, Brule Bistro and Tin Roof Delray Beach.

We all appreciate your support!

H.I.T. Corp Fundraiser event flyer showing restaurant employees that will receive a portion of donations


Hitcorp saved my life. The gentlemen who run this incredible organization deserve immense respect. With the symptoms I was dealing with, I never thought I’d be able to function in everyday life again. Hitcorp took a chance on me and sent me to Plasticity Brain Center, where their treatment helped my symptoms become nonexistent. I not only only got my life back because of Hitcorp, I gained brothers.
4 Time Concussion Sufferer

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